Daymak Chameleon E-bikes for sale

$900 gets you on the road with one of our Daymak Chameleon E-bikes.

Stylishly designed to look like a 50cc scooter and to use 50cc scooter accessories the Chameleon is fully bike lane legal in Tucson.

No License, No Insurance needed, Just buy and ride!

This fully electric scooter is zippy and economic. The Chameleon comes with configurable LED lights that can be changed via your Bluetooth connected smart phone to whatever color you want!


Hydraulic Brakes

Up to 40 mile range

16 inch tires

Digital dash

LED Color controllable lighting



84Volt battery pack

500 Watt motor

Dry weight approximately 130 lbs without the battery.

The battery weighs approximately 60 lbs.